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Associated Members

Dzifa Ametowobla

  • PhD project: Innovation by means of sample solutions. The reflexive development of organisation models in standardised software products.


Matthias Bottel

  • Research Associate at the Department of Techniksoziologie, Institut für Soziologie, TU Berlin
  • PhD project: Technikvermittelte Situationen: Gamification als Herausforderung für die Rahmentheorie Erving Goffmans


Sebastian Dahm

  • PhD project: Hacking and Making: Epistemic Practices of Technological Innovation


Christopher Grieser

  • Research Associate at the Department of Department for Social Studies of Science and Technology (SOS) am Institut Philosophie, Literatur-, Wissenschafts- & Technikgeschichte, TU Berlin

  • PhD project: Creating Innovations in the Platform Economy. On the Interdependence of Platform-Innovations and Application-Innovations in Software Development


Robert Jungmann (geb. Schmidt)

  • PhD project: Collective Agency in Fields and Networks: A Practice-based Theoretical Framework


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