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Summer School 2017: "Perspectives on Innovation Society"

Summer School 2017

Lupe [1]

Summer School 2017

Lupe [2]

Summer School 2017

Lupe [3]

Summer School 2017

Lupe [4]

The Graduate School's third Summer School took place on June 15th and 16th: Fellows, members of the Department of Sociology and guests had the opportunity to exchange views and swap ideas regarding different perspectives on the innovation society.

Special thanks go to our guest speakers  Prof. Barbara Adam [5] (Cardiff University), Fran Osrecki [6] ​(Universität Osnabrück), Peter Stegmaier  [7](Universiteit Twente) and Jérôme Denis [8] (Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation, Mines-ParisTech) for their participation and inputs.

You can find the program here [9].

Winterschool 2016 - „Innovation: Materiality, Space and the Subject“

According to the motto Innovation: Materiality, Space, and the Subject, the Graduate School's first Winter School took place on December 1-2, 2016 at the Department of Sociology. The guest scientists were Nelly Oudshoorn [10] (University of Twente), Saša Bosančić [11] (Universität Augsburg), Marcela Suarez Estrada [12] (FU Berlin) and Clemens Blümel [13] (HU Berlin). We'd like to thank the visiting scientists for their participation!

Second Summer School 2014 - "Doing Innovation"

Mind Map: Innovation.
Lupe [14]
Doing Innovation?
Lupe [15]
I don't know!
Lupe [16]
Prof. Dr. Hubert Knoblauch in discussion with the guest scientists Dr. Laurie Waller and Dr. Candace Jones.
Lupe [17]

According to the motto Doing Innovation the second summer school of the graduate program (Graduiertenkolleg) "Innovationsgesellschaft heute" (Society of Innovation Today) took place at the Department of Sociology May 21-23 2014. In plenaries, workshops and the World Café, the Fellows addressed, together with applicants and guests, questions about alternative models of the future, how people are networked through interventions and to what extent routines could be stabilizing. Special thanks to the guest scientists Anke Strauß  (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialwissenschaften), Candace Jones  (Carroll School of Management, Boston College, USA) and Raghu Garud (PennState University, USA) who assisted the PhD students in workshops with ideas about the topics of transformation / translation and innovation and its expression of novelty. Thanks as well to the attendant visiting fellows Helena Webb, Laurie Waller and Cesare Riillo who pushed along the discussions with their fruitful impulses and comments within the framework of this summer school.

Summer School 2013: "Reflexive Innovation"

Lupe [18]

 According to the motto Reflexive Innovations the first summer school of the Graduate School "Innovationsgesellschaft heute" (Innovation Society today) took place June 5-72013. The invited guest scientists were Elena Esposito  (Universita degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italien) and Christine Leuenberger [19] (Cornell University, USA). In addition to the main topic of Reflexivity the focus in the workshops and lectures was especially on relationships between innovation and knowledge (Leuenberger) and between innovation and novelty (Esposito).

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