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Katharina Scheidgen

 Katharina Scheidgen

Technische Universität Berlin
School VI: Planning Building Environment
Department of Sociology

Fraunhoferstraße 33-36
Sekretariatszeichen FH 9-1
10587 Berlin

Tel.: 29115
Room: FH 825

Research project:

Networking for Innovation: Entrepreneurial Networking in Berlin and Silicon Valley. A Comparison.

My PhD-project compares tie formation of innovative start- ups and university spin-o s in Berlin and Silicon Valley. Thus, I address one of the pressing questions concerning entrepreneurial networking: How do entrepreneurs create relations during the founding process and what factors influence this process? While previous research focused on the effects of networks on venture success, I contribute to the still minor, but growing research body that focusses on the creation of relationships. I analyze the practices of tie formation from a sociological perspective based on Giddens’ structuration theory.

In my multiple case study, I compare innovative start-ups and university spin-offs in Berlin and Silicon Valley, focussing on new ventures in their early founding stages. Initial findings show significant differences concerning how and with whom innovative start-ups and university spin-offs in Berlin create personal and organizational relationships. In Silicon Valley, both types of new ventures show similar networking practices, they form ties with similar actors in similar ways. Thus, new ventures with different resource needs have significantly different networking practices in Berlin, but comparably similar ones in Silicon Valley. My research shows not only that, but also how tie formation is shaped by context-specific templates for legitimate networking, incorporating norms and institutions about who is legit partner and how to approach him, and anticipated expectations of others. 


Personal Website: www.katharina-scheidgen.com



Scheidgen, Katharina (2019): Social Contexts in Team Formation: Why Do Independent Start-Ups and University Spin-Offs Form Teams Differently? Special Issue: Entrepreneurial Groups: definition, forms, and historic change. Historical Social Research, 44 (4), p. 42-74

Scheidgen, Katharina (2018): Gründen als Modus des Innovierens: Netzwerkbildung von Start-ups und Spin-offs im Innovationsprozess. In: Hergesell, Jannis; Maibaum, Arne; Minnetian, Clelia; Sept, Ariane (editors): Innovationsphänomene. Modi und Effekte der Innovationsgesellschaft.  Springer,  Wiesbaden.

Roth, Philip; Scheidgen, Katharina; Ortiz, André; Maibaum, Arne (2017): Conference Report: Bridges over Troubled Water. Die Konstitution von Netzwerken im Innovationsprozess. Soziopolis

Oehme, Katharina (2013): Rahmen und Routinen der Techniknutzung. Was kann man aus Experimenten über alltägliche Techniknutzung lernen? TUTS-WP-2-2013, TU Berlin



09/2019: Philip Roth and Katharina Scheidgen: Local Cultures of Tie Formation: The Impact of Context-specific Institutions on Advice Tie Formation. 4th European Conference on Social Networks, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

 09/2019: How New Ventures form Organizational Ties: The Varying Impact of Personal Ties in Berlin and Silicon Valley. 4th European Conference on Social Networks, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

07/2019: How entrepreneurs acquire resources from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Symposium "Temporal Dynamics in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems" at Herrenhaussen Castle, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, Hannover

04/2019: Entrepreneurial networking in Berlin and Silicon Valley. A Comparison. Invited talk: Brown Bag Lecture at NIKOS-Entrepreneurship Department, University of Twente, Netherlands

04/2019: Wie Start-ups und Spin-offs Netzwerke bilden. Berlin und Silicon Valley im Vergleich. Frühjahrstagung der Sektion Organisationssoziologie, Helmut Schmidt Universität Hamburg

04/2019: Understanding resource akquisition in entrepreneurial teams: The relation of personal and organizational networks. Workshop des DFG-Netzwerks "Venturing together", TU München

02/2019: Philip Roth und Katharina Scheidgen: Lokale Kulturen der Formation von Ratgebernetzwerken im Kontext von Innovationsversuchen, Frühjahrstagung der DGS-Sektion Soziologische Netzwerkforschung, Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Cologne

09/2018: Philip Roth and Katharina Scheidgen: Eigenlogiken der Netzwerkgenese – Von der systematischen Bedeutung kontextspezifischen Wissens über legitime Praktiken für die Genese von Netzwerken im Innovationsprozess. 39. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Göttingen

08/2018: Social Contexts in Team Formation. Why do Start-ups and Spin-offs Form Teams Differently? 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Chicago, USA

06/2018: Suntje Schmidt, Timo Braun, and Katharina Scheidgen: Temporal Dynamics in Entrepreneurial Networks and Ecosystems. 3rd Workshop of the Scientific Network „Temporary Organizing“, Tilburg University, Niederlande

06/2018: Katharina Scheidgen and Thomas Schmidt: How networking practices constitute entrepreneurial ecosystems. Babson Conference, Waterford Institute of Technology, Irland

06/2018: Networking for Innovation: Entrepreneurial Networking in Berlin and Silicon Valley. A Comparison. Doctoral Consortium, Babson Conference, Waterford Institute of Technology, Irland

04/2018: Social Contexts in Team Formation: Why Do Independent Start-ups and University Spin-offs Form Teams Differently?Workshop: "Venturing together! Cross-disciplinary network on entrepreneurial groups". TU Berlin

11/2017: Network development during the founding process. A comparison of start-ups and university spin-offs. Workshop of the Working Group "Network Analysis and Organizations", Heidelberg

07/2017: The impact of organizational and interorganizational practices on the governance of fields. 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen

07/2017: Network development processes of start-ups and university spin-offs. EGOS Pre-Colloquium PhD Workshop, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen

05/2017: Embedding in fields by embedded networking: Start-ups’ networking practices in distinctive contexts. The Fifth Austrian Early Scholar Workshop in Management, WU Vienna 

03/2017: Network development processes of start-ups in innovation-specific fields. New Institutionalism Workshop, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

02/2017: Networking practices of start-ups: Influenced by the context, influencing network design?. 2nd Workshop on Entrepreneurship as Practice, UCD School of Business, Dublin

10/2016: How fields matter: Network development of start-ups in innovation-specific contexts. ISBE Conference, Paris

10/2016: Innovationsspezifische Netzwerkbildung von Start-ups im Innovationsprozess. Workshop: Bridges Over Troubled Water: Die Konstitution von Netzwerken im Innovationsprozess, TU Berlin

05/2016: Innovation-specific network development processes of start-ups. The Fourth Austrian Early Scholar Workshop in Management, JKU Linz


07/2019: Temporal Dynamics in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Herrenhäuser Symposium, Hannover, together with Suntje Schmidt (HU Berlin and IRS Erkner) and Timo Braun (FU Berlin), funded by Volkswagen Foundation. www.tdee-symposium.org

01/2017: Organisation of the workshop: „Process Research and research on interorganisational collaboration“ with Prof. Hans Berends, VU Amsterdam

10/2016: Organisation of the workshop: Bridges Over Troubled Water: The constitution of networks during innovation processes, Graduate School „Innovation Society Today.“, TU Berlin. www.konstitution-von-netzwerken.de



Defense of PhD thesis "Tie formation in Silicon Valley and Berlin. The impact of entrepreneurial ecosystem on interorganizational tie formation."
10/2019 - 12/2019
Scholarship from TU Berlin for completing the thesis
04/2015 - 9/2019
PhD candidate with full scholarship, DFG Graduate School „Innovation Society Today“, TU Berlin
Research stay in Silicon Valley, California (USA) for data collection, funded by DAAD scholarship
09/2013 - 11/2013
Research position at PSI transcom (software development company), gathering data for my master thesis
08/2012 - 10/2012

Research position at the German Emission Trading Authority at the German Environment Agency, gathering data for a research project within the masters program
04/2011 - 02/2014
Tutor in the subject area of Science and Technology Studies, Institut for Sociology, TU Berlin
01/2010 - 06/2011
Student assistant at Center for Technology and Society, DFG-project “User-Model” in cooperation with the Telekom Laboratories
09/2009 - 01/2010
Semester abroad at Corvinus University, Budapest
10/2007 - 09/2014
Bachelor and masters program in Sociology and Technology Studies, TU Berlin

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