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Jana-Maria Albrecht

Graduate Student

Technische Universität Berlin
School VI: Planning Building Environment
Department of Sociology

Fraunhoferstraße 33-36
Sekretariatszeichen FH 9-1
10587 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 / 314 27994
Room: FH 809

Research Project

Innovative field regulation of heterogeneous actors? A structuration perspective on labor market integration of refugees (current title)


My PhD project investigates regulation processes that involve heterogeneous actors. As an example of such processes, I use the regulation of labor market integration of refugees in the state of Berlin since 2015 until today. Here, policymakers have proclaimed an innovative paradigm shift ― away from restrictive and towards open access to the labor market.

I am interested in how this development has been shaped specifically in the cooperation processes and struggles between heterogeneous actors. As regulatory processes typically involve a heterogeneity of actors ― thus my argument ― gaining a proper understanding of these processes requires that we adopt a perspective that considers this heterogeneity. At the same time, observing these processes calls for looking at the recursive interplay between given regulations and "new" regulations. To do so, I will develop a theoretical perspective that integrates organizational field and structuration theory. My research question is: To what extent do existing regulations of fields shape their innovations and - vice versa - to what extent do the forms of innovation shape the fields and their regulation?

Therefore, I analyze two negotiation processes that have emerged as being central to my empirical research in Berlin. The first example is the the field of regulation of job-related language support for refugees. The second example is the development of the Senate's overall concept for the integration of refugees into the labor market and its further development. Applying qualitative methods, I analyze how these two fields are particularly fought over, by which actors, in which settings, and how this ultimately results in new or revised regulatory policies. I expect not only state actors from politics and public administration to play an important role but also migrant organizations, various initiatives, and actors involved in relevant projects ― ultimately all actors who participate in the development of the field of labor market integration of refugees in Berlin.

What I finally intend is to show how profitable it can be to apply the structuration-theoretically informed field perspective developed here to research on social regulation processes involving heterogeneous actors. Such a perspective can provide a valuable contribution to a broader understanding of modern innovation processes.




Since 04|2018
Graduate Student at the DFG-Graduate School "Innovation Society Today" of the Department of Sociology at the Technical University Berlin
10|2018 – 03|2019
Lecturer at the University of Potsdam (Seminar „Introduction to the Sociology of Organization and Administration“)
09|2014 – 07/2017 
Student assistant with teaching duties at the Department of Organizational Sociology at the Institute of Sociology at the Technical University of Berlin
11|2012 - 12|2014 
Advisory service for students at the Institute of Sociology at the Technical University of Berlin
10 |2011 –
Bachelor and Master of Arts "Sociology of Technical Sciences” (Subsidiary Subject: Human Factors)


With Dr. Jannis Hergesell: Integration between everyday working life and company organization. Methodological challenges in the investigation of integration routines. 08.01.2020, Organizational sociological colloquium under the direction of Prof. Dr. Heike Ohlbrecht, University of Magdeburg. 

With Dr. Robert Jungmann: Voluntary Organizations and the Translation of the Access-Paradigm in Berlin: Driving Forces in the Field of Refugees' Labour Market Integration. 08.11.2019, OMICS: Organizing Migration and Integration in Contemporary Societies. Gothenburg, Sweden.

With Tim Seitz: Societal Problem Solving Inside and Outside the Lab. 21.06.19, Summer School "Innovation and Its Others: Neglected aspects of creative destruction. Research Training Group "Innovation Society Today", Technical University Berlin. 

Collective Improvisation and Innovation in the Field. Designing the labour market integration of refugees in Berlin. 09.07.2018, Organizational Sociology Colloquium under the direction of Prof. Dr. Maja Apelt, University of Potsdam.


winter term 2019/2020: "Organisation und Migration: Befunde und Perspektiven". Technische Universität Berlin. 

winter term 2018/2019: "Einführung in Organisations- und Verwaltungssoziologie". Universität Potsdam. 

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