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Nora Rigamonti

PhD Candidate of the 2nd cohort



Subsequent position:

Following the Research Training Group, Nora Rigamonti works  at the Department of Sociology of Politics and Governance (Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Voß) in the research project "Schmeck! Qualitative-sensory 'citizen science' on the practice and aesthetics of eating" at the Institute for Sociology of the TU Berlin.

Research project

Experimental democratic future scenarios of the European refugee issue. Current entanglements of politics and aesthetics in uncertain times.

Contemporary societies are shaped by glocal transformations such as migratory movements and vehement political debates on appropriate ways to address the so called ›refugees crisis‹. These transformations are directly connected to an emergence of publics and their experimental interventions in urban spaces and into dominant discourses on refugees. Within these interventions by activists, supporters and artists political, social, cultural and economic forms of inclusion and exclusion of refugees are publicly negotiated and contested.

The current experimental forms of collectiveness and participation by these publics are happening outside prescribed, institutionally orchestrated and established democratic formats such as citizen' forums or parliamentary debates. These experimental forms are organized not only by discourses and are therefore not exclusively discursive processes which are restricted to the mobilization of terms, ideas and symbols by human actors. In fact, there is also a heterogeneous multiplicity of non-human actors involved in these forms of collectiveness and participation: in addition to activists, supporters or artists, different material things such as information and communication technology, buildings or specific objects may also play an important role in producing and organizing various enactments of collectiveness and social participation. This constant interaction of human and non-human actors therefore constitutes the micro-structural ›conditions of felicity‹ quasi the sociomaterial ›infrastructures‹ for collectiveness and social participation.

In this context, my research project includes an empirical case study of different experimental and local enactments of public involvement in Berlin. The aims of my research project are two-fold: First, to examine the ways in which these sociomaterial ›infrastructures‹ may constitute an enabling condition of contemporary enactments of public involvement by focusing on the co-constitutive interaction of human and non-human actors. Second, to survey whether, and if so, how these forms of collectiveness and participation may contain specific possibilities of democratic politics.



"Gustografie – 'grounded methods' in der Schmeckforschung" (zusammen mit Jan-Peter Voß), 40. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie "Gesellschaft unter Spannung", Berlin, 2020/09.

"Material Politics? Experimental Public Mobilisation and Collectivisation Practices of Refugees and Supporters and their Socio-Material Infrastructures", International Conference "What matters? New materialities and material-semiotic perspectives within critical migration and border regime studies", Munich (Germany), May 2016.

"Artivism - a new form of politics?", Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) and Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) "Science and Technology by Other Means", Barcelona (Spain), September 2016.

"The diverse entanglements of aesthetics and politics: Current enactments of the European refugee issue", 12th Annual Ethnography Symposium "Politics and Ethnography in an Age of Uncertainty", Manchester (UK), August 2017.



Rigamonti, N. (forthcoming): Politischer Widerstand im 21. Jahrhundert.
„Vom Fühlen und Denken zum Handeln“? In: diskurs. Bd. 6 (2020): Gefühle des Widerstandes?

Rigamonti, Nora (2019): The diverse entanglements of aesthetics and politics. Current enactments of the European refugee issue as prospective and experimental democratic “devices”?  In: Riot, Elen/Raviola, Elena/Schnugg, Claudia: Arts and Politics: from radical perspectives to innovative interventions. Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Rigamonti, N./Voß, J.-P./Suarez, M./Watson, J. (2018): Sensing collectives - aesthetic and political practices intertwined. In: Sensing Collectives – Aesthetic and Political Practices Intertwined, n.d., sensing-collectives.org

Maas, F.; Rigamonti, N. (2018): Zur reflexiven Hervorbringung von Innovationen in einem raumbezogenen Modus. Überlegungen am Beispiel des transdisziplinären Projekts Die Gärtnerei in Berlin. In: Hergesell, J.; Maibaum, A.; Minnetian, C:, Sept, A. (Hg.): Innovationsphänomene. Modi und Effekte der Innovationsgesellschaft. Wiesbaden: Springer Vs, 81-102.

Rigamonti, N. (2014): Das Wesen der Weiblichkeit: Nur eine Dependenz der Eierstöcke oder ein hybrider Cyborg? Eine kritische Überlegung zur (Dis-)Kontinuität diskursiver Konstruktionen von Weiblichkeit. Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) (online).



"Sensing collectives - aesthetic and political practices intertwined", workshop in collaboration with The Institute for Latin American Studies at FU Berlin, ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry and Hybrid Lab of the UdK Berlin und TU Berlin; http://sensing-collectives.org/ 

Organisation: Jan-Peter Voß, Nora Rigamonti, Marcela Suarez, Jacob Watson, 14-16 Nov 2018, Berlin" 



Member of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)



since 10/2016
Scientific researcher and PhD candidate, Graduate School "Innovation Society Today: The Reflexive Creation of Novelty", Department of Sociology, Technical University Berlin
04/ 2015 - 09/ 2016
Scholarship holder, Graduate School "Innovation Society Today: The Reflexive Creation of Novelty", Department of Sociology, Technical University Berlin
2011 - 2014
Master of Arts: Socio-cultural Studies, European University Viadrina
2009 - 2010
International internship, Buenos Aires, Argentina, funded by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
2006 - 2010
Bachelor of Arts: Cultural Studies (disciplines: Comparative Social Science, Literature Studies), Viadrina

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