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Workshops and Lectures with Guests

20 April

Workshop/ exchange of experiences on dissertation publication and publishing processes with Simon Egbert, Jannis Hergesell, David Seibt and Tim Seitz
05 January                               
Workshop "Good Scientifc Practice (especially Research Data Management and Authorship)" with Sabine Heerwart (University of Göttingen)
10 November
Workshop „Forschungsförderung – Überblick Förderungslandschaft“ with Dr. Tim Köhler-Ramm (Servicebereich Forschung, Team Forschungsförderung)
12 November
Workshop Drittmittelförderung – praxisnaher Erfahrungsaustausch with Dr. Isabell Stamm (TU Berlin) and Dr. Ariane Sept (Leibniz-IRS, Erkner)
16 October
Workshop "Data-Based Algorithmic Systems" with Paola Lopez (University of Vienna/Weizenbaum Institute)
06/07 August                             
Workshop "Incorporating Social Theory into Ethnographic Research" with Prof. Dr. Thomas Kemple (University of British Columbia)
28/29 May
English Academic Writing Follow-up Sessions with
Stephan Elkins (SocioTrans)
26/27 February 
Workshop on "New Materialism und Ethnografie" with Dr. Hanna Göbel (Universität Hamburg) (Programm)
16 January
Workshop on "Social and material 'Resistance' and Innovation" with Mahendra Sahare
07 January

Workshop on "Scripts and performative Dimensions of Innovation" with Dr. Judith Igelsböck
05 December      
Workshop "Grounded Theory with Atlas.ti" with Sebastian Dahm Program
24/25 October                          

Workshop "Academic Writing" with Andrea Tönjes and Stephan Elkins (SocioTrans)
30 July

Workshop "Complain, Resist, Account: Critical Reproductions in Academia" with Lauren Kilgour and Sabine Biedermann Camposano
10 July
"Value Trails in Innovation - Empirical Objects and Reflexivity" with Dr. Poonam Pandey
04/05 July
Workshop Theoretische Empirie with Prof. Dr. Herbert Kalthoff
29 May
Feldtheorie in der Forschungspraxis with Carla Ilten

10/11 January
Wissenssoziologische Diskursanalyse with Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller
05/09 November           

Ethnografie-Workshop with Cornelia Thierbach
22 March
Sheila Jasanoff: "Innovation at the Crossroads: Contested Imagineries of Progress in Bangalore"
07/08 December                 
Workshop "Genese und Folgen der 'Pflegerobotik'"
Organizers: Jannis HergesellArne Maibaum and Martin Meister

15 November
Workshop "Drittmittelakquise in den Sozialwissenschaften"
08 November
Workshop and moderated Discussion "Reflexives Vergleichen"
Organizer: Miriam Klemm
19/20 October
Follow-up Workshop "Academic Writing"
14 July
Workshop "Cut and Paste Culture - Sample-based Pop Music and its Analysis"
Organizers: Georg Fischer, Hannes Liechti (Bern)
03 April
In-house workshop "Bedingungen von Innovation, der Innovationsimperativ und Innovationsfelder" and 
plenary meeting

09/10 February
Workshop with Stephan Elkins (SocioTrans): "Academic writing".
19/20 January
Workshop with Hans Berends (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): "Innovation Processes across Organizations".
13/14 October                                                                                                    
"Bridges Over Troubled Water" - Die Konstitution von Netzwerken im Innovationsprozess
02 May
Workshop with Grit Laudel on qualitative content analysis
28/29 January
Workshop with the DFG project "Bildkommunikation in der Wissenschaft am Beispiel der Computational Neuroscience" (Fachgebiet Theorie moderner Gesellschaften) and the research training group "Innovation Society Today": "Knowledge in Action. Neue Formen der Kommunikation in der Wissensgesellschaft".
15/16 January
Workshop in cooperation with AG Politische Theorie der Deutschen Nachwuchsgesellschaft für Politik- und Sozialwissenschaft (DNGPS): "Genealogie als Methode der politischen Theorie".
25 November

Presentation by Pier Giorgio Oliveti (Secretary General Cittaslow International):  "Cittaslow – an innovative network of small urban centres".
19-21 November                       
Workshop with Reiner Keller (Augsburg University): "Wissenssoziologische Diskursanalyse".
01/02 September                        
Workshop with Giampietro Gobo (Università degli Studi di Milano): "Introduction to Ethnography".
08/09 July
Workshop "School of Design Thinking" (Hasso-Plattner Institut,  University of Potsdam)
17/18 June
Workshop with Dr. Matthias Rudlof  (Quality Coaching): "Selbst- und Wissensmanagement für Promovierende".
16/17 October                    
Workshop: "Methoden der Innovationsforschung." Program
23 June                                       
Workshop with Harro van Lente and Ingo Schulz-Schaeffer (University of Duisburg-Essen): "Expectations and innovations".
10/11 June
Workshop with Stephan Elkins (SocioTrans): "Academic writing".
26/27 September                                  

Workshop with Jörg Strübing (University of Tübingen): "Grounded Theory und Situationsanalyse".
11 June
Presentation by Karin Knorr (University of Chicago): "Information Knowledge Culture of Financial Markets".
06 June
Workshop and Presentation by Christine Leuenberger (Cornell University, USA): "Innovation and knowledge" As part of the Summer School "Reflexive Innovation".
05 June
Workshop and Presentation by Elena Esposito (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italien): "Innovation and Novelty" im Rahmen der dreitägigen Summer School "Reflexive Innovation".
28 May
Presentation by Paul Edwards (University of Michigan): "Scaling up: space, code, trust, and the organization of climate modeling work".
27 May
Presentation by Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University): "Anthropological Relocations and the Limits of Design".

27 March
Workshop with Neil Fligstein (UC Berkeley): "Meet the author: Q&A session with Neil Fligstein on Fligstein & McAdam (2012): A theory of fields".
01 February
Workshop with Julia Black (London School of Economics): "Regulation, Innovation and Legitimacy".
25 January
Workshop with Susanne Boras (Copenhagen Business School): "Governance of socio-technical and innovation systems".


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