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Visiting Scientists

The Graduate school offers Visiting Fellowships for late-stage doctoral candidates/ early career scholars. The Visiting Fellowship aims to enhance the exchange with other scholars who work on similar topics. The Visiting Fellowship provides a monthly grant of 1.500 € as well as travel costs to and from Berlin at the beginning and end of the stay.


Length of stay
Research Project
Dr. Poonam Pandey
May - July 19
DST-Centre for Policy Research IISc
“Valuing Innovation: Towards a Framework for Understanding Diverse Innovation Approaches”
Lauren Kilgour
May - July 19
Cornell University
“Designing Difference: Electronic Ankle Monitors and the Politics of Technological Innovation"
Peter Winter
Nov 18 - Jan 19
University of Sheffield
"Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology"
Carla Alvial
Nov 18 - Jan 19
University of Twente
"Energy transitions; What is the role of regulation in the creation of markets for sustainable technologies? And, How is novelty created and introduced in the regulatory space for sustainable innovation?"
Annelie Pentenrieder
Oct - Dec 2017
Universität Paderborn
"GPS-Navigation as an innovative Routine? - Emergent Pathfinding Procedures by Collaborating Drivers and Satnav Algorithms"
Martin Sand
Oct - Dec 2017
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
"Futures, Visions, and Responsibility – An Ethics of Innovation"
Valeri Wiegel 
May - July 2017
The University of Edinburgh
"Biographies of an innovation: an ecological analysis of a strategic technology project in the auto-industry"
Emily York
Sept - Dec 14
UC San Diego, Department of Communication
“Nanodreams and Nanoworlds: The Emergence and Disciplinary Formation of Nanoengineerings"
Cynthia Browne
Nov 14 - Feb 15
Harvard University, Department of Anthropology
“Material Matters: Art, Memory and Monument in the Re-invention of Germany’s Ruhr”
Laurie Waller
Apr - July 14
Goldsmith University of London, Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process
“Exhibition as experiment: a study of science, technology and culture at the Science Museum”
Cesare Riillo
Apr - June 14
STATEC, National Institute for statistics and economic studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
“Standardization and innovation interplay: a cross-country study”
Helena Webb
Apr - June 14
King's College London, Department of Management
“The Practical Work of the Optometrist 2”

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